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Hi! Welcome To My Creative Space :)

I am a storyteller, offering ceramic sculptures and handmade art with a hint of quirk.



Hi! I am Srinia Chowdhury, the creator behind all the art pieces you see on this website. 

Art isn’t a hobby for me. It is and has been my long-lasting passion, which led to me completing my bachelor's and masters in the field. This turned into my profession.

I am based in New Delhi, India. I work out of a tiny rented space that I have turned into my creative heaven!


I create small batches of unique and original art that are up for sale every few weeks on the website. A shout-out or reference to your friend will be highly appreciated.


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I am happy to take commission orders for customised wall installations, mugs, breakfast sets, or name plates; according to your requirement but it must be based within the limits of my work aesthetics only.

Delivery time - 4 to 6 weeks.

To know more email me:

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Join my insider club for news on shop updates and art exhibitions. I promise not to spam because ceramics takes up all my time anyway so I will keep it minimal.
Also, just for my love for teaching and sharing I promise you a quarterly special bonus of colouring pages or exercises based on using art as a medium of therapy; all especially designed and curated by me personally just for you. And this bonus is on the house. 

Now get in already!


Explore my art journey.
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