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About The Artist

Srinia Chowdhury’s art is characterized by a distinct illustrative style.


Looking beyond the apparent, deep observation and interaction with the issue of deconstructing gender notions is at the heart of Srinia's Art.


Her expressive clay modeling, use of bold colors, and sgraffito drawings on ceramics enable her to achieve a remarkable fusion of realism and abstraction.

She has completed her Masters in Fine Arts with Bronze as her specialization. Early in her career, she managed to land some sponsored symposiums and residencies in Germany, Australia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and a few others that have broadened her perspective and cultivated her artistic practice.

Srinia has been awarded the renowned Jyotsna Bhatt Ceramics award for 2022 by The Ark Foundation for Arts, Vadodra, and is presently working on the series "The costume party" as part of her project. The idea for the series was developed during her stay at the Keramik Kunstlerhaus in Neumünster, Germany, in April 2022.

Some of her ceramic sculptures proudly sit at some prestigious museums across the world with Mark Rothko art Center being the most recent museum to collect her work.

Srinia works and lives in New Delhi.


  • Guilty Pleasure - Procrastination

  • Biggest Fear - Injections

  • What makes me happy - Mom, Food and dogs

  • Most Inspiring Trip - The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

  • Bucket list - Getting an underwater diver's license

  • My Favorite Cartoon - Shinchan 

  • 10-year Goal -  Getting my work across 1 lakh homes across the globe.. 

7 Fun Facts about me:

Artist Statement

I am a storyteller. My works are a combination of form and narration. Inspiration for my sculptures/Installation stems from my longstanding curiosity about human behaviour, my observation of daily life, and the funny ways of society.

There has been a strong influence of Pop art and Picasso’s work on my art practice; Hence some of their art practice streaks might be visible in mine too.

I often use ceramic as a medium because it allows me to sculpt, draw and paint all in one medium.

I like to maintain a balance between form and concept. I aim at creating a worldly upheaval by generating a challenging language for inquiring minds with curiosity and freedom of perception.

Conceptually I believe art has the power to be also used as a social tool; thus, my works are a whimsical satire addressing the long-lived patriarchy and its pressures on all genders.

I believe, art has the ability to powerfully confront gender norms and the socially created idea of gender through its visual representations. Through my works, I am attempting to break the stereotypical binary roles and deconstruct gender identity!

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