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About The Artist

Srinia Chowdhury’s art is characterized by expressive clay modeling, an illustrative style, and the bold use of colours. Her work reflects on the contrast between her carefree childhood as opposed to the dichotomy of social expectations and the profound struggle of self-acceptance as an adult.

Influenced by Pop-art, Picasso, and the Bengal School of Art; she holds a master's degree in Fine Arts with Bronze as her specialization but transitioned to ceramics for its expressive freedom. Her artistic practice has evolved massively with her participation in sponsored symposiums and residencies across various countries, including Germany, Australia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and others.

Srinia recently exhibited at Anant Art Gallery, Noida, and participated in the 'On Paper of Paper' exhibition presented by Apparao Art Gallery at India Design Fair 2024, New Delhi. She also received the prestigious Jyotsna Bhatt Ceramics Award from Ark Foundation, Baroda; for the year 2022.

Srinia's sculpture has recently been added to the Mark Rothko Museum, in Latvia.

Based in New Delhi, Srinia continues to use her art to make satirical commentary on challenging gender stereotypes and advocating for the acceptance of self-uniqueness.


  • Guilty Pleasure - Procrastination

  • Biggest Fear - Injections

  • What makes me happy - Mom, Food and Home

  • Most Inspiring Trip - The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

  • Bucket list - Getting an underwater diver's license

  • My Favorite Cartoon - Shinchan 

  • 10-year Goal -  Getting my work across 1 lakh homes across the globe.. 

7 Fun Facts about me:

Artist Statement

I am a storyteller. My works combine form and narration; investigating my long-standing curiosity about the human mind and the bizarre norms of society. My creative journey is fuelled by the contrast between my carefree childhood as opposed to the dichotomy of social expectations and the profound struggle of self-acceptance as an adult.


I merge familiar yet enigmatic forms with vibrant colours and graphics, creating a captivating fusion of 2D and 3D elements. This interplay invites viewers into a thought-provoking dialogue, where satire and phantasmagoria intertwine to narrate a personal yet universal stories. My work reflects challenging yet optimistic goals.


My sculptures serve as allegorical representations of social issues; attempting to break the stereotypical binary roles and deconstruct gender identity!


I love ceramics because it allows me to sculpt, draw, and paint all in one medium which serves me the best for my artistic expression.

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