About The Artist

I am a sculptor and an art educator for almost a decade now. I love creating as much as I love teaching. 

Thank God for my work; it took me to countries like Australia, Lithuania, Russia, Poland, and a few more beautiful places for symposiums and residencies that opened my outlook and nurtured my art practise.

A recent residency from the Indian Ceramics Triennale at Art Ichol (Madhya Pradesh, India) gave me ample time, space and resources to make a big body of work.

I am on cloud nine as one of my sculptures made it to Latvia Ceramics Biennale and has been collected by the Mark Rothko Museum, Latvia.

I just submitted my research as a National Research scholar on the subject of Paper Clay Ceramics.
Pressures of patriarchy across the globe on all genders bother me. I believe that art has the power to be used as a social tool; thus my art is a whimsical satire addressing the long lived patriarchy and its pressure on all genders.


  • Guilty Pleasure - Procrastination

  • Biggest Fear - Injections

  • What makes me happy - Mom, Food and dogs

  • Most Inspiring Trip - The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

  • Bucket list - Getting an underwater diver's license

  • My Favorite Cartoon - Shinchan 

  • 10-year Goal -  Getting my work across 1 lakh homes around the globe. 

7 Fun Facts about me:

Artist Statement

I am a storyteller. My works are a combination of form and narration. Inspiration for my sculptures/Installation stems from my longstanding curiosity of human behaviour, my observation of daily life and the funny ways of society.

There has been a strong influence of Pop art and Picasso’s work on my art practice; Hence some of their art practice streaks might be visible in mine too.

I often use ceramic as a medium because it allows me to sculpt, draw and paint all in one medium. 

I like to maintain a balance between form and concept. I aim at creating a worldly upheaval by generating a challenging language to inquiring minds with curiosity and freedom of perception.